Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2nd and 3rd graders were inspired by the art and architecture of Dr.Seuss' books. We read How the Grinch Stole Christmas and looked at several other Dr. Seuss stories. Students had a wonderful time making a "Whoville" and using Dr. Seuss' whimsical style. The last step was to draw and attach the Grinch peeking over or hugging the town!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Art Centers/Free Choice Art

Kindergarten started out the beginning of the year with Art Centers. I got the idea from several different art teacher blogs. I am so appreciative of all the work that other art teachers have put into sharing ideas through their blogs. I use the advice and experience of so many other teachers when planning out my curriculum. 
After seeing some of the art center activities, some of the older grades started asking if they could get them out when they finished a project early. 

Kindergarten Art Centers

When Kindergarteners enter the art room they get  an animal to put around their neck. They then find the same animal at one of the centers.They switch centers every 7-10 min. depending on the project. 
To switch centers I just rotate the animal picture and they have to find theirs once again. 
There are various rules at each center. When the bells ring the first time they clean their center and sit quietly, when it rings the second time they can move to the next center.

We spent the first couple of classes working on just getting to know the centers. After that I started incorporating the more fun, exciting, artsy lessons.   


Kids love to build! Even some of the 4th graders choose to use these when they finish a project early. I only wish that I had more. This center stays on the carpet, students must work together and only take one block at a time. Sharing is key to this center. 

 Transparency Character Dry-Erase Drawing Sheets:

I love these. The kids have so much fun imagining and creating a world for some of their favorite characters. They can draw a world around the character, give them props, even deface them (The Boys love giving Justin Beiber funny glasses and missing teeth.) I have a whole box full of different sheets. They are really simple to make and so much fun to draw on! You just print out some of your favorite characters,slide them into a page projector sheet, and start creating!

Usborn Activity Cards
Another classroom favorite. I just recently found these in a baby store in a town nearby and knew the kids would love them. I was right. They are Dry-Erase activity sheets. Front and back they each contain a challenge. From making monster cookies, adding funny hair styles to the creatures, finding your way through a maze, to creating texture on your creatures and showing symmetrical designs (it's  like they were made just for the art room). 

Check out some of the other Activity cards that Usborne carries!

Velcro and Popsicle Sticks

These can be arranged to make shapes, letters, or just let your imagination run wild. This idea came from Tot Treasures Explore the Art of Play

Tracing Shapes
Kindergarteners pick a shape sheet and practice tracing it with their yarn. 
I got this idea on Teach preschool

Free Draw

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So EASY even a Cave Man can do it?

 Third graders have been learning about Prehistoric Art. We had a blast creating a classroom cave and drawing inside and out of our cool cave. Students each had a role in the making process and worked together to make a great team. During another class, we discussed what we thought we knew about Cave men and some common misconceptions.

 It's so easy even a cave man can do it!

Students watched all of the funny clips from the Gieco commercials and discussed how the cave men were portrayed.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Angry Bird Clay Pinch Pots

This was one of the best projects I have taught so far! Students were so excited to create something that they know so well. There were several moments where the room was silent as everyone intently focused on their creations!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kindergarten "Walks the Line"

We read the Book "Little Green" by Keith Baker  
Kindergarten starts the school year off learning about lines. This is fun lesson inspired by Mrs. Matott at
After reading the book we took a dot for a walk and walked a line that I set up in the halls at each elementary school. I believe that engaging students in a interactive activity makes the art experience more meaningful ands fun. 

Walking the Line was so much fun, even older students couldn't resist. Unfortunately this made it difficult for teachers to keep their students walking in straight lines in the hall that week.