Saturday, February 2, 2013

Clean Up Map!

Revamped Clean up Map! Created in Notebook for the Smart Board!
Clean up can be a difficult time in the art room. Recently I started using a clean up map that I can project on my Smart Board to show students the steps they need to take to clean up. Having a visual really helps student's understand what to do during this time. If they can't remember what to do next they just have to look at the board.
When students hear the music they know they need to follow the steps on the map. If they finish they go to their seats and dance! That's my favorite part! We have so much fun! I love being an art teacher!

Here's how it works:
I keep the file projected on the SmartBoard throughout the day and change the supplies to meet the needs of the class. Early finishers have to follow the rules before they get out a free choice center. When it's time to clean up I press one of the blue circles with the play button to play the music. I have two different songs on it right now (I am going to try to change it up every once in awhile).

The purpose of the box is to have a place to keep all of the images so I can quickly grab them!

When I introduced this to the kids we discussed what each image represents. For instance, the 1st step on this map is a drying rack, this means the kids need to put away their art. The 2nd step is to put away all materials, 3rd wash hands, 4th wash tables, 5th sweep, and the last step is to meet me at the carpet (3-5th grade find their seats so i would change the carpet to the chair).

When they finish they go to their seats and dance to the music! That's the best part! We pull out all our best moves!

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  1. Would you mind sharing this file with me? Thanks!